Help, we’ve been drawn into the incredible world of melon sculptures, and it’s too pretty to eat our way out

Melons are nature’s sweet treat. No other fruit gets us thinking about summer like melons. A little cantaloupe gazpacho. Some pickled watermelon rind. Honeydew-lime pops. Melon and prosciutto risotto. Yes – that’s a thing, and it’s delicious! The last thing that pops into our mind is melon as a vehicle for art. And yet, a little known Thai artist @krasinthusith has opened our eyes to the fantastic world of melon sculptures. It’s seriously breathtaking.

We can’t get over the intricate and plentiful details. To think, a human crafted the bold design with his own two hands.

Not much is known about melon-carving Thai artist @krasinthusith. One thing we know for sure. His chops are outta this world. Sometimes, he crafts realistic depictions of everyday beauties. Fish. Crabs. Flowers.

Sometimes, he designs mystical creatures. Like dragons and this little nymph-looking figure:

Other times, his art is more abstract, but the designs are always eye-catching.

Melons aren’t the only materials this artist uses. He also uses pickled ginger, squash, and coconut shells. He can build entire landscapes out of a combination of ingredients.

What can we say? His creativity is on a whole other level.

As it turns out, melons aren’t the only things getting sliced and diced into art. There’s an entire glorious world of fruit and vegetable carving. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

It’s kinda rad what you can do with things that grow in the ground.

Who knew the mushiness of a banana would allow for such detailed carving? These scales are immaculate.

Muscular carrot legs, anyone?

The artistry impresses us, but we have to admit we’re slightly unsettled by the physical likeness. We can almost imagine those orange stalks walking off on their own.

Or this monster’s head.

Whether the sculptures draws oohs or ahhs, thanks to these artists, we know we won’t ever think about fruits and vegetables the same way.