Melissa Rivers is playing her mom in ‘Joy’ and the resemblance is bonkers

We’ve been totally pumped for Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming movie, Joy, ever since we feasted our eyes on the unbelievable trailer. Our excitement only increased when we saw a clip of J-Law’s soft-spoken yet intense monologue. Like, is there anything she can’t do? But Jennifer and co-star Bradley Cooper won’t be the only ones wowing us on the big screen come Christmas Day.

An Entertainment Tonight exclusive showed us a new clip of Joy, one that shows Melissa Rivers playing her late mother in her first big film role ever. And guys, the resemblance is astounding — eerie, almost. We already knew the two looked a lot alike, but put Melissa in a blond wig and she’s the spitting image of Joan, who passed away in September 2014. Seriously, LOOK:

INSANE, right? But it’s not only the physical resemblance that’s got us wide-eyed. . . it’s the mannerisms and vocal patterns, too. “I worked hard on her speech pattern, but not so much the accent because I didn’t want it to be an imitation or a caricature,” Melissa told ET.

Melissa got a bit teary-eyed talking about her performance with ET — and understandably so. Channeling your late mother in an acting process is an emotionally complex and difficult process, but watching it is even harder, she explained.

“I can’t watch myself — especially like that,” Melissa told ET. “I think I was so focused on the details and trying to do a good job that it never hit me that I took this crazy emotional risk until I got home and went, ‘What did I just do?’”

The film, which is directed by David O. Russell, follows the story of entrepreneur Joy Mangano. “It was David’s idea,” Melissa told People of how she ended up in Joy. “I literally one day got a call saying David O. Russell would like to meet you.”

Although it was a rather nerve-racking experience — both because of the emotional turmoil and because it’s her first major film role — she found support in her co-stars. “Everyone was lovely and supportive,” Melissa said. “Jen and I talked for a few minutes and she actually quoted back a couple of her favorite jokes of my mom’s to me.”

Naturally, J-Law would do that. Check out the unbelievable clip of Melissa in action in preparation for Joy‘s premiere in theaters on December 25th.

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