Still obsessing over Melissa McCarthy’s Jon Stewart dress

Melissa McCarthy is all kinds of fierce right now: She’s dropping truth bombs about image-obsessed, sexist Hollywood, designing her own line of clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, and starring in a new movie. Phew! We were already a little bit in love with her (read: a LOT in love with her) and then she went and did something else amazing. Wednesday night, she appeared on The Daily Show wearing a dress covered in Jon Stewarts.


The only person more in awe of this outfit than we are is Stewart himself, who turns downright bashful seeing the stunning McCarthy rock the signature dress. He jokingly asks, “What odd Times Square shirt shop do they do this at?” To which she replies, “Sadly, this is me.” We LOVE IT.

Turns out McCarthy is going to be very upset, just like us, when Stewart leaves his position as host of The Daily Show. He generously offers to show up at her house, and do a rundown of the news every night since he “won’t have anything to do.” That’s what you do for dedicated fans who make dresses with your face all over them.

Here’s a close-up of part of the dress and the Jons:

McCarthy looks absolutely flawless, and if this becomes her go-to signature look, we’re behind it. You can watch her entire appearance on The Daily Show right here, and her latest movie Spy, is in theaters right now. Is it too much to go and see Spy wearing a dress covered in Melissa McCarthys, or is it just right?

[Images via here.]