Melissa McCarthy’s floral jacket and matching skinny jeans just revolutionized the pantsuit

Melissa McCarthy is one of our fave funny ladies, and now she’s giving us serious reason to go super bold with our pantsuits! If you missed the 2017 People’s Choice Awards red carpet, then you also probably missed Melissa McCarthy’s awesome ensemble. As in, a floral jacket and skinny jeans combo that was absolutely out of this world.

The form-fitting pants complemented the fit-and-flare top super well, and the floral print is incredibly on trend right now (not to mention, just cute AF).

We love the decision to let her wavy hair fall loosely across her shoulders, allowing for a relaxed vibe (award shows tend to go for a long time, so being comfortable and stylish is a major coup). Ready to witness the real deal right now?


WOW! Did you get a load of her black nail polish? That gave the whole thing a badass edge.

Apart from nailing this outfit, we’re giving Mccarthy a virtual high-five right now, because she picked up the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actress!


We can’t think of anyone more deserving than this lady (who’s always bursting with optimism and good vibes). You can watch her acceptance speech here, and yes…it includes lots of LOL moments.

CONGRATS, MELISSA! 2017 has well and truly kicked off with a BANG, leaving us excited to seize the day. No matter what we’re wearing!

But seriously, you’ve inspired us to press on with our experimentation of pantsuits and venture into the printed variety…of which the possibilities are endless.

H/T: People