Melissa McCarthy just shared the most hilarious story about her daughter (and Harry Styles)

Melissa McCarthy’s daughter Georgie is truly one of us. It already makes sense that she’d be hilarious, since her mother is a comedic genius, but it turns out she’s also a Directioner. When her mom visited Jimmy Kimmel last night, she talked about how Georgie often calls Harry Styles to chat…and by that, she means Georgie pretends to talk to Harry Styles on her fake phone toy.

Honestly, we don’t blame her. That’s probably the next best thing, plus, if it’s pretend, you can make the conversation about whatever you want. What’s so funny about 5-year-old Georgie’s conversations, McCarthy explains, is that she’s often annoyed at Harry. In her fake phone calls, she’s apparently always having trouble hearing the singer, or is bothered by what he’s saying.

This is so adorably funny, and proves that Georgie is truly a soul sister of ours when it comes to being a fangirl. Watch the full clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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