Melissa McCarthy is the strongest woman in the world and this photo proves it

Melissa McCarthy is one of the funniest people in Hollywood hands down. If it’s statistics you’re looking for, it seems that moviegoers agree, too. According to Forbes, Melissa’s films have repeatedly opened with over $20 million at the box office.

In fact, her latest film, the all female remake of Ghostbusters, opened with a wapping $46 million. “McCarthy has established herself as a bonafide ‘face on the poster’ movie star,” Forbes wrote, “who can open seemingly any big studio comedic film merely by showing up. ”

Basically, Melissa McCarthy rules. And now the actor has another accolade under her belt: She’s the strongest woman in the world…well, according to this picture anyway.

Sharing a snap on Instagram, Chris Hemsworth, who stars alongside McCarthy in Ghostbusters, uploaded a picture that sees Melissa literally holding him in the air.

Now, anyone that’s aware of Chris Hemseworth will know that the man is 100% beefcake, and that’s gotta weight something.

“@melissamccarthy is the strongest woman in the world,” Chris wrote on Instagram. “often in moments of joy she would pick me up like this and the combination of her powerful grip on my foot and my incredible core strength we would hold this pose for hours sometimes days [sic].”

Of course, Melissa isn’t actually holding Chris up as you can see the harness and ropes by his arms. However, we love the subtle reference to the inherent power of women. Of course Melissa McCarthy is the strongest woman in the world; all women are the strongest people in the world.

It also seems that McCarthy has taken time out of her busy schedule to return to Stars Hollow for the return of Gilmore Girls and we couldn’t be more excited!

Melissa, you keep doing you!

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