These are our favorite moments from Melissa McCarthy’s “SNL” episode

It’s no secret that we have a girl crush on Melissa McCarthy, and her SNL performance last night is just one more reason we swoon over her time and time again. This was her fourth time hosting, and she’s SO funny it makes us wish she was a regular cast member (but, obviously, she’s a LITTLE busy for that). Her Feb. 13 appearance was probably to help promote Ghostbusters (we hear a trailer is being released March 3 for the July 15 film), and Kanye was on SNL last night, too, promoting his new album. Talk about talent overload…

From the SNL opening—where McCarthy made us laugh, of course, “mistakenly” thinking it was her fifth SNL appearance instead of fourth, as well as sang and danced and, in general, looked amazing onstage—to the skits themselves, McCarthy rocked it. Even the show promo was hy-ster-i-cal, where she’s getting her nails done with SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer.

But, all this is to say, here were our fave McCarthy moments from the show.

“The Pick-Up Artist”

This one’s pretty self-explanatory and shows off McCarthy’s commitment to character once again.

“Test Screening”

In this one, McCarthy’s character is part of a focus group that just watched a horror movie. Need we say more?

And, in honor of the night’s OTHER special guest, Kanye…

“Kyle vs. Kanye

Kyle of course, refers to Kyle Mooney, and Kanye, well… he’s just Kanye (no explanation needed). It’s modeled after a reality show, and Mooney wants to be a rapper—and since Kanye’s on the show, what better a time to show off his skillz?

“Hillary for President Cold Open”

Of course, there had to be some political sketches in the episode, and this Hillary Clinton one is a must-see (even though it’s sans McCarthy). But “Clinton” singing Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” in front of Bernie Sanders supporters makes it totally worth the watch.

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