NBD, just Melissa McCarthy and Peter Dinklage having a sword fight

Melissa McCarthy has played some wacky film characters in the past few years. There was Susan Cooper in Spy, Diana in Identify Thief and of course Tammy in Tammy. Now, she’s adding a new madwoman to the list: Michelle Darnell in the upcoming movie The Boss.


Michelle is a rich, powerful woman who goes to prison after getting caught insider trading. Once there she finds out that all of her assets have been drained, leaving her worth $0. All of her professional bridges burned, Michelle is back to square one. That is, until she sees the profits the Girl Scouts make selling cookies, and starts a similar empire called Darnell’s Darling Brownies.


The cast of The Boss is outstanding, including Kristen Bell, Kristen Schaal, Kathy Bates and Melissa’s real-life husband Ben Falcone (who also directed the film and helped co-write the screenplay with his wife).


Also making an appearance is Peter Dinklage. At one point the two of them engage in a sword fight in a very fancy room, and he totally dominates. We have no idea what the circumstances of the fight are, but we’re guessing Michelle Darnell wronged his character in the past, and he’s out for revenge. Either way, it’s downright hilarious.



And it looks like McCarthy’s characters ends up teaching the scouts a thing or two about hand to hand combat.


Check out the trailer for more LOL-worthy moments (warning—the language is pretty strong). And remember, don’t mess with Peter Dinklage. Between this film and spending a ton of time on the Game of Thrones set, his sword skills are top-notch!

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