Melissa McCarthy just saved Easter with her Sean Spicer Easter Bunny sketch

It’s no secret we’ve been downright crazy about Melissa McCarthy’s incredible impressions of Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Whether she’s using puppets to describe “radical moose-lambs,” or charging reporters with her Segway podium, the satire has been a beautiful relief from all the political stress we’re feeling. Well, Happy Easter, because Melissa McCarthy totally went there on Saturday Night Live last night.

She brought the house down with her Sean Spicer Easter Bunny sketch. If you didn’t watch it, you need to. McCarthy hopped on stage in a bunny/Spicer costume to discuss the harmful things he said about Hitler and Jewish people last week.

"Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on Jews!

Eariler this week, the real Spicer referred to Hitler’s concentration camps as “Holocaust Centers”. Making them sound more so like YMCAs than gas chambers, as social media may have pointed out.

He also said that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad  was guilty of acts worse than Hitler. It’s always a bad idea to minimize the pain and suffering of a religious minority. Especially when it’s during one of their important holidays. Spicer’s remarks were made during the Jewish celebration of Passover. A time when Jews reflect on surviving. He has since apologized.

Melissa McCarthy went ALL in on Spicer and used Veggie Tales dolls to tell the story of Passover. Not only did she purposely make it all wrong (and gave Jews super powers! Which admittedly is awesome although not factual) Veggie Tales are from a Christian cartoon, which aides in the hilarity. She then finally gave a rundown of “Bad Guys”:

"As far as bad guys go! Boom, right up at the top- Hitler, then Syria's 'Babar Al-Ashad', three I'm gonna go pharaohs, and I guess, chronologically, Jews take number 4."

The audience was in absolute stitches over this satirical sketch and the genius of Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal. Check out the full sketch:

Seriously, where do we get an Easter Egg car?