Melissa McCarthy says everyone should break the plus size fashion rules — and we’re with her

Melissa McCarthy is an actress, comedian, and successful clothing designer. But the reasons behind her foray into fashion were motivated by an industry that wasn’t offering women in her size the clothes she was looking for.

Recently, Melissa spoke to Chelsea Handler and told her that she has always had a hard time finding clothes above a size 12, often having her outfits custom made for events and TV shows by couture designers.

“After I was a size 12, it was like, apparently I’m done dressing!” Melissa said. “Like, you literally can’t go into a store and find anything, which I’d love for everyone to know.”

Melissa told Chelsea that she “kind of always loved” her involvement with fashion, and that inspired her to create her own line — Melissa McCarthy Seven7, which offers cute clothes in sizes up to 4X and 28W. Melissa attests that she works on things like the fittings and the prints for her brand, because she enjoys it so much.

But even when she finally got behind the helm of her own plus-size line, there were still people telling her what to do — and as a plus-size shopper herself, she didn’t agree with what they had to say.

“Certain stores buy only certain sizes because that’s what they carry, but I’ve had people say, like, ‘Well, women above a size 10 don’t really want to wear print and they would never wear red,’” says Melissa. “Women don’t want sleeves. Women only want sleeves. Nobody wants a pocket. Nobody would wear a pant.”

Melissa got fed up with all the rules and rightly so — she just wants to wear what she likes!

“The nobodies, the shouldn’ts, what you can’t do, what you can do … and I’m always usually sitting there wearing what they’re telling me nobody will wear. You can’t make those blanket statements. It’s like everybody wants to compartmentalize and put women in these little boxes and … it’s just all stupid.”

Preach, girl! There shouldn’t be any certain “way” that plus-size woman should dress. We should be able to wear what makes us feel comfortable and confident — and it’s up to designers to step up to the plate and offer the sizes that enable everyone to do so!

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