Melissa McCarthy was an adorable kid, and we’re not even a little surprised

Melissa McCarthy might be a huge superstar now, but once upon a time she was just a kid on summer vacation NOT having fun on a trip to the zoo. We’ve all been there.

For #TBT this past week, McCarthy’s cousin, Jenny McCarthy (really!), posted a super amazing, and super old school picture of the two of them together, joined by Jenny’s sister. Jenny captions the picture that the three girls are at the zoo, it’s 102º outside, and no one is having fun. Not even a little bit. Don’t believe the lone smile in the picture, because she’s clearing squinting as she stares into the hot sun.

But now just really take in how adorable McCarthy was as a little kid. Check out that amazing haircut, and those bangs! And the shirt that maybe once had been a bow, but after constant fidgeting from McCarthy, it is no longer a bow. Look at that cute little deadpan face that reads, “so over this.”

Do you think this little girl is thinking about how one day she’s going to grow up and steal our hearts with laughter? Probably. Also, can we get a few more pictures of  little Melissa, because yesteryear pictures are the best.

(Image via Instagram)