Melissa Joan Hart regrets not dating costar Ryan Reynolds in the ’90s, and, we get it

Okay, so we’re glad that Blake Lively snapped up Ryan Reynolds and that they’re blissfully happy and everything, but sometimes it’s fun to think about what could have been.

On Australia’s Studio 10 talk show, Melissa Joan Hart revealed she regrets not dating her costar Ryan Reynolds back in the ’90s when the two starred in the TV movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch (yup, if you forgot that Reynolds was in that, he played floppy-haired bad boy Seth!). Apparently teenage Hart and Reynolds were close onscreen and off, and their dynamic sounds so impossibly cute.

"We were smitten and cute," Hart recalled. "He was adorable. He was a really nice guy. He wasn’t like, the Ryan Reynolds everybody knows these days. You can see in the clip the crazy hair. He was sweet — he was very sweet."

Let’s STOP EVERYTHING and look at that sweet face for a second.


And now let’s study the current Ryan Reynolds.

via giphyYup, this guy is a catch. Hart goes on to say that she had a boyfriend at the time, but she can’t help but wonder WHAT IF. “[He] probably would have been a great boyfriend,” Hart wrote in her book Melissa Explains It All: Tales from my Abnormally Normal Life. “And I didn’t end up with the other guy, so maybe I should have taken a chance!” Yes, maybe! How could you let that opportunity slip by?!

Oh, and she also mentioned that they made out after their last day of filming,

Everything ended up for the best though, because Hart is married to Mark Wilkerson and they have three sons together.

She has remained friends with Reynolds, who also has a busy family life with his two children (still waiting on pics of baby Ines, BTW).

Let’s just see that floppy hair one more time…for the road.


SWOON! Happy Friday.