Here’s what it would be like if Melisandre went to a baby shower

While we love watching our favorite Game of Thrones characters battle it out on screen, we can all agree that we wouldn’t necessarily want to see them in real life. This is mostly because their lives are so different from ours, so if they ever just walked into our house, they wouldn’t know how to behave.

Seth Meyers always enjoys imagining what it would be like if characters from Game of Thrones suddenly appeared in our world, and perhaps the most fun to think of is Melisandre, priestess of the Lord of the Light who exclusively seems to talk in vague statements and riddles.

What worse place for Melisandre than a baby shower? This time of happiness and hope is repeatedly brought down by Melisandre’s severe warnings and inability to just joke around. Try as Seth might, he can’t get her to act normally, and hilarity ensues as she tries, and fails, to fit in.

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