Melanie the raccoon can ride bikes, and scooters, and skateboards

There’s a raccoon zipping her way through the interwebs. Her name is Melanie Raccoon, she’s totally lovable, and she’s got some legit #TransportationGoals to boot. Seriously, Melanie is quickly creeping up our favorite-Internet-animals list.

Melanie has an Instagram that we are newly obsessed with, where you can see her do adorable things like play the piano and push her Pocahontas doll in a rocking chair. And yes, it’s just as cute as it sounds.

We don’t know why this gets us so deeply but it really, really does.

Aw! They look just like Pocahontas and Meeko from the Disney movie! If Meeko grew up to be really tall, obvs.

And set your eyeballs on this. I’m not sure, but it looks an awful lot like an actual selfie. I suspect a certain raccoon has her own cell phone. That’s normal, right?

Rocking chairs and selfies aside, what Melanie likes to do best is drive. Because walking is for regular raccoons and all. On Melanie’s YouTube channel (yes, she’s got one of those too) you can see her ride around in all sorts of vehicles. It’s like Planes, Trains and Automobiles, only waaaay more adorable.

Melanie can ride a bike. Watch it here, before she turns up on ESPN in the Tour de France.

She can also ride a scooter. LIKE A BOSS.

And you just KNOW that Melanie can skateboard.

We love a raccoon with goals!

And we’re keeping an eye on the road. Next time we stop at a traffic light, the driver in the convertible next to us just might be Melanie. (Please let this happen.)

Just the best animal family we’ve ever seen

What? An owl and a kitten are nap besties? Unreal

[All images via Melanie Raccoon’s Instagram and YouTube channel.]