This ‘Lemonade’ spoof from ‘SNL’ with Emily Blunt and the Trump family is essential comic relief

Six months ago, Beyoncé released her stunning visual album Lemonade and the world found its new favorite thing to parody. It’s been parodied by seemingly everyone, so at this point, the idea should be getting a little tired. Leave it to Saturday Night Live to give it the perfect twist to make it relevant again. 

Last night, SNL took the political scrutiny Melania Trump has been facing in the recent Trump scandals and rolled it all up into a soon to be iconic sketch, “Melanianade.” Doing a near-perfect recreation of the Beyoncé masterpiece, “Melania” tells Trump everything she wishes she could say to him.

Check out Emily Blunt and many of the ladies of SNL the hilarious sketch below:

The spoof, which covers Beyoncé’s “Sorry,” features the ladies in Trump’s life lamenting about their struggles in standing by him. Picking up on her comments on MSNBC after the second Presidential Debate last week, Kate McKinnon as Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, ominously sang about sticking with Trump “unless”, throwing the New York Daily News behind her.


Ivanka Trump, played by host Emily Blunt mourns the loss of her friendship with Chelsea Clinton. She sings, “There goes my friendship with Chelsea Clinton. Call me Chelsea!”


Meanwhile Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata, as Tiffany Trump and Omarosa respectively, comment on being mostly forgotten and taken advantage of in their minor roles.

It’s Strong as Melania who steals the show, changing the famous line,“You can call Becky, with the good hair” to “You’ll just be the guy with the weird hair.”


Even Mike Pence got in on the action after having a tough week as the Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee. From being publicly called out by running mate Trump for having an opposing view on Russia to being “inconsolable” after the Billy Bush tapes went live, Pence had some thoughts for Trump. Played by Beck Bennett, Pence, sitting on the floor sings, “You only want me when I’m not there.”

The sketch is perfect to anyone who has been following this mess of an election. Perfect for anyone, except Donald Trump, apparently. This morning Trump tweeted that he had seen the episode and was unimpressed by their “hit job” on him.

Check out his review of the show below:

Sorry (not sorry) Donald, but we absolutely love this sketch and can’t wait to see what the SNL ladies do next.

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