Summertime sadness — melancholy music for June Gloom

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Those of us who live in Southern California know all about June Gloom — that strange meteorological phenomenon that casts an almost wintery pall around the palm trees. But even if you don’t live in SoCal, the knowledge that the year is half over (or half… full?) is enough to dampen the impending (and eventually overpowering) glow of summer.

Now, normally we’re all about shaking it out (so to speak), but sometimes we just want to put on our heaviest dress and stare out into the twilight and ponder where the year’s gone and where it’s going. These are baroque songs, music for channeling Miss Havisham and getting your most dramatic impulses out of the way so you can go on doing your swell thing afterward. So shut the blinds, light some candles (safely, of course), and click play.

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