Mel B says her daughters aren’t Spice Girls fans, and, ouch

Back when their hits ruled the airwaves, they might not have known that their fanbase would remain true decades later. But even now, people can’t get enough of the Spice Girls. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to know that Mel B’s kids aren’t Spice Girls fans. In case you forgot, Mel B was Scary Spice — quite possibly the leader of the group. (At least, that’s how we saw her. Maybe it was due to her famous ribboned front buns.)

These days, Mel B is known best for being an America’s Got Talent judge and for appearing in the Broadway version of Chicago. Also, she’s been taking on the role of “mom” for almost two decades. She’s the mother of three girls — five-year-old Madison, 10-year-old Angel, and 18-year-old Phoenix.

You’d think it’d be a blast to have a Spice Girl as a mom, right? We’re just imagining all of the leftover merch and fun sing-alongs that Mel B would have in store — along with a few fun stories about being on the road. But unfortunately, Mel’s girls aren’t fans of her music.

In an interview with People, Mel B said that “one of them” felt that the Spice Girls were a little stale.

"I constantly play music around them and Phoenix was on tour with me," she said. "One of them calls it ‘old people’s music.’ [I’m] like, ‘What are you talking about? It’s '90s pop. It’s the best genre of music ever."

Agreed. Which is why it’s hard to believe that it’s not translating to a younger crowd.

It might be because, according to the singer, she’s constantly surrounding herself in ’90s pop.

"I listen to my own music all the time and not just my own solos, but Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys—I'm an '90s R&B pop girl," she said.

So maybe her daughters are just a little sick of hearing it at home. Because, that’s kind of a typical childhood response. But if we could guess which daughter called it “old,” we’re probably ruling out her youngest.

Perhaps if a reunion ever happens, these three will definitely think a little differently.

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