Mel B reunited with her estranged mom for this sweet photo

Mother’s Day, which just passed, is usually the perfect time to reflect on your relationship with your mom. But for those with a strained relationship, it can often be tough. That’s why it’s heartwarming that Mel B reunited with her mom, Andrea Brown, just the other day. The two had an estranged relationship, and we’re so happy that they’re starting to put the pieces back together.

According to People, the photo marks the first time they’ve been together in 10 years. It’s also the first social media post that Mel B has posted in over two months. After news went out regarding her divorce from her husband after years of alleged abuse, she’s been a bit quiet.

The photo is in celebration of her birthday. Her and her family all look truly incredible.

Mel B is currently back on television as one of the judges of America’s Got Talent, so it makes sense for her to resurface. Even though we truly hope that she got a bit of rest and was able to recharge after the split made headlines.

It seems as if Brown and her daughter reconciled last month, based on this heartfelt tweet that Brown had posted in the middle of April.

Brown also celebrated her daughter’s birthday with this super sweet tweet.

We’re definitely hoping that Mel B keeps the “wild” in her — after all, she is Scary Spice.

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