As if there were any question, Megyn Kelly won the Trump war with one simple statement

If you thought Donald Trump was going to have the last word in this Megyn Kelly showdown, then you don’t know Megyn Kelly. Kelly just responded via video to the Trump kerfuffle that caught nationwide attention, and her response is 100. 

As moderator for last Thursday’s debate, Megyn Kelly asked the debate participants some pretty tough questions. In particular, she brought Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump,  to task about past disparaging and hurtful remarks made about women. In one of the first questions to Mr. Trump, Kelly stated, “You’ve called women fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals — “

Trump was none too happy about that question, calling her comments “not nice” in his debate response. He even took to Twitter that evening,  saying she “bombed” during the debate, and retweeting other Twitter-users calling her a “bimbo,” and “overrated.”

His harassment didn’t stop there. In an interview on CNN last Friday, he told host Don Lemon that Kelly had, “blood coming out her eyes, blood coming out her wherever” — a thinly veiled reference to Megyn’s period. A sexist and derogatory way to talk about a woman with whom you just happen to disagree. 

Trump tried to walk it back on Twitter over the weekend, suggesting he meant to imply that blood was coming out of her ears, but folks aren’t buying it — indeed an entire social media movement, #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult, started up to put the Donald in his place.

While everyone else on the planet is exploding with anger over Trump’s sexist remarks, Kelly has finally responded and she decided to take the high road, but in a beautifully tough way. On Monday’s airing of her show The Kelly File, Kelly stated that Trump is an, “interesting man that has captured the attention of the electorate.” But refused to stoop to his level re: the personal attacks he is lobbing at her, saying that he has not apologized and she, “certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism.” Amen. 

Megyn Kelly’s response is a masterclass in how to deal with a bully. She won’t be dragged through the mud, but she’s certainly not sinking down in it either. We support you Megyn Kelly, and are proud of you for standing up for yourself (and all women) in such a classy way.

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