Meghan Trainor releases new music video after photoshop controversy

Looks like this saga may already be over. Meghan Trainor pulled her new music video for “Me Too,” due to alleged and excessive photoshopping, but now it’s back online. This time, the video reportedly features the singer’s natural body versus the inaccuracies she spotted in the original photoshopped video– and she’s got the side-by-sides to prove it.

The original video was quickly pulled and then Meghan explained the drama over on her Snapchat, saying:


She cleared up this drama over on Howard Stern earlier this morning, explaining that while she did see the video before it was released, she must have missed the drastic changed made to her body:

While we are happy that the real video features Meghan in all her natural beauty, something about this still seems fishy. It all happened so fast and publicly that people can’t help but wonder if it’s all one big publicity stunt. Whatever the truth is, all that matters is that Meghan’s comfortable, and that she keeps on being her badass natural self.

Watch the final video below!

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