Meghan Trainor’s boyfriend did the cutest thing we’ve ever heard of while she was on forced vocal rest

And the best boyfriend award of 2017 goes to Daryl Sabara! While on vocal rest, Meghan Trainor’s boyfriend did the cutest thing ever. Because Trainor wasn’t allowed to use her voice at all for three months, Sabara learned sign language in order to communicate with her. Are you kidding? That’s borderline too cute!

After an emotional performance on Ellen, Trainor revealed to Ellen that this was the first time she had sang since her surgery. She had been on vocal rest since December and planned her surgery just so she could sing on Ellen.

There was a lot riding on this performance, but Trainor knocked it out of the park.

When Trainor sat down with DeGeneres after killing her song off the Smurfs: The Lost Village soundtrack, “I’m a Lady,” she said she has to give credit to her boyfriend Daryl Sabara, the former Spy Kids star, for sticking with her through her recovery.

“The real trooper was my boyfriend. He learned sign language for me," Trainor said. “So I would spell out words for him and I’d get really frustrated. And I’d be like, 'No, wrong!' But he learned and he just stuck with me through it.

DeGeneres congratulated Trainor on being in love. Trainor cheered, “I did it! I did it! I found one!” She gushed about her beau by saying that Sabara is better than whatever she wished for.

And Sabara even painted with Trainor while she was on vocal rest! You know what they say — couples who paint together during vocal rest, stay together! We’re in love with Trainor and Sabara’s love and wish the best for the couple now that Trainor is back on her feet again.

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