The awesome reason Meghan Trainor wishes people would stop Photoshopping her

Meghan Trainor may be “All About That Bass,” but she is decidedly not all about that photoshop, because duh. She became the breakout pop star of 2014 after releasing the smash hit entirely about body acceptance, which in her case meant embracing her curves and owning them. Ever since the catchy song smashed the radio waves, she has inspired countless people to feel comfortable in their own skin, which is exactly why Meghan Trainor is speaking out about people Photoshopping her image without permission.

It’s typical in ~show business~, of course, for editors to tweak photos for stray hairs or blemishes before they hit magazine covers. But what really irks Trainor is when she looks at a picture that’s so edited that she barely sees herself in it anymore.

“They won’t let me see photos before they are released. It kills me. I’ve asked about 100 times,” said Trainor in an interview with Daily Mail’s You Magazine. “One photo was altered so I looked tanned and I was angry because I love my snow-white skin. I rock it. There are a few covers coming out that I’m frightened about. I’ve said, ‘Do you think Beyonce releases a picture she hasn’t approved?’ They shoot me down. I think they’re lying.”

Moreover, she says that she takes the impressionability of her young audience very seriously, knowing that as a role model they will take their cues from her. It is why she recently teamed up with the plus size fashion brand FullBEAUTY, and why she is deliberately speaking out against the Photoshopping publications that have tried to keep her out of the process. Her obligation, first and foremost, is with her loyal fans.

“There is a study in the States that found the number of girls who hate their bodies has doubled. My three-minute song [“All About That Bass”] has helped a lot of people. It’s shocking that it only took a three-minute song. One father came up to me after a show and said, ‘You saved my daughter’s life.’ It’s incredible, it’s crazy. It’s been an epic year.”

With the strides Trainor is making both on and off the stage, that epic year is just the beginning of a body acceptance shift we can all get behind.

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