Meghan Trainor’s video for “Me Too” may have been pulled for this confusing reason

There’s a little fishiness going on in the music world right now. Yesterday, Meghan Trainor released the music video for her latest single “Me Too”. . . only to promptly take it back down after it garnered almost half a million views. Why? Because Meghan claims that her body had been Photoshopped in it.

Initially, this move led to confusion. As Fusion notes, since the YouTube link reads that the video had been “removed by the user,” it couldn’t have been taken down for copyright infringement (a common reason videos are pulled). So why was the bubbly song taken down? After all, it mainly featured the singer in dancing in a giraffe onesie — what’s the harm in that? Meghan soon posted a Snapchat video explaining the move:

One the one hand, this sounds like it makes sense: Meghan has spoken out about Photoshopping all too often and has been involved in several Photoshop scandals. And we’re all for promoting body diversity and breaking down the unhealthy body ideal in the media that is so often spread via digitally retouched images.  If the allegations are true, it’s understandable that she’d be frustrated and upset over it.

However, as Fusion points out, it’s hard to see where it could have been Photoshopped — especially to a noticeable point. The only place where Meghan’s waist really could have been altered is in the dance sequence toward the end — and even her fans barely mentioned anything about it before Meghan herself pulled the video down.

Something else that’s strange? Meghan posted a Snapchat of herself with devil eyes and the message “When ur team fucks up so bad.” Rarely does a pop star call out his or her team so harshly in such a public forum … all leading us to believe this may be part of a possible publicity stunt, too.


We also can’t help but wonder how the video could have possibly got through all the levels of production without anyone on Meghan’s team noticing, especially considering how highly the “All About That Base” singer values honesty in body matters. Plus, did Meghan really NOT get to watch her own music video before it was posted?

The singer told USA Today that a new music video for “Me Too” is being edited and should be published sometime today. We’ll be eager to see watch!

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