Meghan Trainor and James Corden just created the best anthem for your New Year’s resolutions

Sometimes, the only way to power through something is to sing a super motivational anthem, and sometimes, the only way to give up on something is when that anthem tells you it’s okay. The song performed by Meghan Trainor and James Corden last night does just that, both declaring their New Year’s resolutions and then boldly giving up on them like, let’s be honest, we do every year.

Set to the tune of Meghan’s hit “All About That Bass,” the song begins with each of their goals. Meghan wants to drink less and James wants to go to the gym more. We’ve heard these same resolutions over and over again, but still the duo powers through, singing parody lyrics like “I swear to drink more water instead, cause I can’t afford to drunk dial another ex.”

Then they go on to declare that they’re “all about that change” before quickly revealing that, one week in, they’ve already broken all the goals they set for themselves. That’s okay, though, because they got this awesome song out of it. Why change when they’re already perfect?

Watch the full parody below!

(Image via YouTube)