Meghan Markle’s wedding hair and makeup reportedly cost as much as a year’s worth of rent

Now that it’s been a few days since we’ve seen Meghan Markle’s makeup, hair, and wedding dress, a bit of the commotion has died down, which means we can start investigating all the different aspects of her look with a clear head. For example: Meghan reportedly spent over $13,000 on hair and makeup.

Much has been said about her custom Givenchy wedding dress, and whether you loved it or not, you have to admit that it served as the perfect frame for her understated hair and makeup. Few were surprised to see Meghan embrace a relaxed makeup and hair look. Her soft pink lipstick and barely-there face makeup enhanced her natural beauty (those freckles are everything), and Meghan chose an elevated version of her beloved messy bun. She intentionally brought that California chicness to the royal wedding.

But just because Markle’s royal wedding hair and makeup were low-key, doesn’t mean it was cheap.

Initially, Bridebook UK speculated that Meghan’s hair and makeup cost about £10,000, which translates to a little over $13,000 in USD. Yep, that’s a year’s worth of rent money for some people. Serge Normant was responsible for her effortless hair and Daniel Martin created her fresh-faced makeup.

Glamour spoke to Normant about Meghan’s big day, and he filled them in on what a calm, cool, and collected bride she was. He told the magazine that the whole process took about 45 minutes:

"We talked together a little bit before, but we wanted something that would have an easy feel to it. [It] wasn't a huge process. We wanted it to be something that was right for the day and that felt right for her mostly."

Many, including Harper’s Bazaar, thought Meghan would do her own makeup, but instead, she turned to her old friend Daniel Martin. This seemingly effortless look could not have been more gorgeous.

Even though Meghan keep her beauty look natural, we must admit that if she spent over $13,000, it was worth every penny.

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