Here’s how to get a $40 replica of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring

If there’s one thing we’ve been obsessing over this week, it’s Meghan Markle and her stunning engagement ring. Just when we thought nothing could be more beautiful than Prince Harry’s fiancé herself, she flashes that bling and we’re like “OK, that’s a ring worthy of royalty.” Also, “damn, we wish we could get our hands on that sparkler.”

With its triple-diamond design, Markle’s ring is worth close to a cool $60,000, according to our expert sources. Yikes. But if you’re dying to get your hands on a dupe, we have amazing news for you: We’ve located a great one, and the price tag is incredible. Meaning no royal family money needed to snag this little beauty.

Jewel Candy has released a stunning replica of the ring and it’s just $40. It’s appropriately called the “Princess Meghan Ring,” and is a dead ringer for the sparkler Harry gave Meghan. Now, it goes without saying that $40 won’t buy you real diamonds, but the best details from Markle’s ring (like the yellow gold band, the large center stone and the flaking stones on either side) are all replicated here.

Whether you use this as your actual engagement ring (who says you need to have a diamond?) or pick it up as a costume piece to rock on your index finger, this baby is what you need.


Isn’t it pretty?

Also, an idea we love for the planners out there who are already thinking about Halloween 2018? Well, this piece will take your Meghan Markle/Prince Harry couples costume to the next level. Just saying. Get the ring for yourself on Jewel Candy’s website.

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