Meghan Markle wore a necklace with her and Prince Harry’s initials and our hearts are melting

We’re not sure we’ve ever been so giddy over a celebrity couple as we have been with Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle, who wore a necklace with her and her beau’s initials during a recent outing in Toronto, E! reports. The Suits actress sported the gold $240 Maya Brenner accessory that bore the letters M and H, which is an even sweeter declaration of love than Markle and Prince Harry’s matching bracelets.

In November, The Prince of Wales went public with his romance with Markle by releasing an official statement defending her against online attacks, but other than expressing their love through adorable accessorizing and Markle dressing her dog in a Union Jack sweater, we’ve yet to spot the pair together in full-fledged couple mode.

Until then, we’ll continue to stalk, er, monitor Markle’s Instagram for signs of an us-ie, but in the meantime here’s a look at the necklace: false

Based on how Markle described what type of girlfriend she is, we’d say this lovely necklace is just more confirmation that she’s a true romantic at heart and we are swooning for her.

One more sweet public gesture from these two, and we will have no choice but to start planning their royal wedding.