This Resurfaced Video Proves Meghan Markle Has Been an Advocate for Women Since Day 1

She was making an impact before she was even a teenager.

The past few years for Meghan Markle have given her the highest highs and the lowest lows. She fell in love, got married, had a baby, has another on the way, and has been standing up for women and especially Black women all along the way. Despite being constantly torn down by the media after joining the royal family, Markle’s made her voice heard. The Suits alum has a long history, though, of being a voice for women—it didn’t just start when she married Prince Harry and became a part of the British royal family, taking on outreach on their behalf.

No, Markle’s strength and voice go back decades, and this video proves it. The NAACP shared a video of her today from when she was 12 years old. In it, she shares that her class had watched a commercial about dish soap that claimed women belong in the kitchen, and that sentiment did *not* sit well with the budding feminist. In fact, she said in the video that it left her “furious.”

So what did she do? She wrote a letter to the president of Procter & Gamble to let him know that women aren’t the only ones who should be in the kitchen. She wrote, “In the commercial they said women are battling grease, meaning only women do dishes. When I heard this, the boys in my class started saying, ‘Yeah, that’s where women belong…in the kitchen.'”

Markle continued by telling the camera, It makes me feel like [boys are] going to grow up thinking that girls are less than them…like, boys are better than girls.

Twelve years old and she was already so wise. It’s truly no wonder she’s been able to make such an impact on the world since then. After she wrote that letter to Procter & Gamble, the company changed the commercial in question to better suit her idea that people all over America are in the kitchen, not just women.

Now that Markle and Prince Harry have made a home for themselves in the U.S. and have the space to focus on their family and philanthropy—primarily through their foundation Archewell—they’ll surely continue to do great things. As for Markle specifically, she’s always been there for her fellow woman, and we know that won’t change any time soon.

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