Meghan Markle found her mini-me in Australia, and the pic will make you cry

Newlyweds and now parents-to-be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance since announcing they’re expecting in Sydney, Australia. On Tuesday, October 16th, Harry and Meghan greeted fans outside of the iconic Sydney Opera House—one of whom totally looked like a mini-Markle.

While shaking hands and accepting congratulations, Harry met a young girl in a “Girls Can Do Anything” shirt, and it instantly caught his eye. Harry called Meghan over to come meet her double.

"We feel she looks a bit like you," a bystander in the crowd told the Duchess. In the video posted to Instagram, Meghan replied, "I was literally about to say the same thing! We look so much alike." She then complimented the girl's shirt.

Although members of the royal family are instructed to not give autographs or take photos with fans, Harry and Meghan clearly felt this moment merited a break from protocol. Harry took an onlooker’s phone and snapped a pic of Meghan and her look-alike.

We have a feeling Meghan Markle’s mini-me is going to have quite the story to tell her friends on the playground today. (And she has the photo to prove it.)

Here’s Meghan at about the same age as the little girl pictured above:

The royal couple had a full day of greeting the public, and even practiced their parenting skills…on a koala.

We sending Harry, Meghan, and Meghan’s mini-me so many well-wishes (even though we’re insanely jealous of that snap).

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