Can Meghan Markle ever become Queen of England?

It’s official: Another royal wedding is coming! After weeks of rumors surrounding Meghan Markle’s decision to leave Suits, it was confirmed on November 27th that Markle and boyfriend Prince Harry are officially engaged. But could Markle ever become Queen of England? The short answer: probably not. And here’s why:

The line to the throne

Prince Harry, Markle’s fiancé, is currently fifth in line for the throne. Harry’s father, Prince Charles, will succeed Queen Elizabeth II after her death since he is the Queen’s oldest son. Prince William is second in line, followed by his two children, George and Charlotte. And William and his wife Kate Middleton have baby number three on the way, meaning that child will also be ahead of Harry for the crown. The only way Harry could become king is if William and his heirs all died — which is highly unlikely (and we of course hope that never, ever happens).

The other…stuff.

The last time a member of the British royal family married an American was in 1937 when Prince Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson, who was divorced. At the time, divorce was frowned upon in the royal family, and marrying Simpson cost Edward his claim to the throne. Since then, the crown has relaxed about divorce, so Markle’s previous marriage shouldn’t be an issue.

But the British monarchy has historically banned royals from marrying Catholics. This law was changed in 2013, but since the British monarch is also the head of the Church of England, Catholics are still outlawed from holding the throne. This could prevent Markle, who went to a private Catholic high school, from becoming queen.

Markle also won’t be a technical princess after she marries Harry. The official title “prince” or “princess” can only be used by those born into the royal family (even though the general public often use such titles when referring to those who have married into the royal family). After her marriage, Markle will likely become the Duchess of Sussex.

So Markle probably won’t become queen, but at least she’s found her prince. We are so happy for the couple and wish them nothing but a lifetime of love and laughter.

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