Meghan Markle was initially afraid she and Harry were moving too fast, according to a new book

Those of you who have ever navigated the rapid waters of a whirlwind romance also know that sometimes the pace can get scary and you may start wondering if it’s all too good to be true. And when you’re involved with a royal, the feeling is probably even more intense. As it turns out, Meghan Markle was afraid she and Prince Harry were moving too fast in the beginning – and we don’t blame her. The two were reportedly introduced via mutual friend Violet Von Westenholz and immediately hit it off.

In Andrew Morton’s new biography Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, he details the first moments Markle and Harry met, including how mesmerized they were with one another. Morton writes that although the former Suits actress knew Harry was ready to settle down, she worried that things were unfolding too fast.

After their first encounter, Markle “wondered if she had been too eager to accept his invitation to meet again the following day.” Since we know how this story ends, we also know that she did – in fact – go on the date, and a few weeks later she visited him in Africa.

"She had to pinch herself," Morton writes, according to USA Today. "Here she was about to travel halfway around the world to spend five days in a tented camp in the middle of nowhere with a man she had met twice."


Fast-forward to a year and a half later and the couple is preparing to walk down the aisle in one of the biggest wedding events of the decade. However, as Morton points out, had Markle met Harry earlier, perhaps the two would not have worked out in the longterm. Morton describes it as a “sliding doors moment, because Harry, 10 years ago, he was falling out of bars drunk, picking fights with paparazzi.”

"The Queen would have looked at Meghan and thought, 'American divorcee, let's think again, Harry,'" Morton added.

Morton also noted that Markle will ultimately “bring a lot of diversity and new ideas, new ways of doing things,” to the royal family. And we can’t wait.

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