Here’s how Harry and Meghan’s joint monogram compares to Will and Kate’s

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had more than two months to settle into married life, things are getting even more official with their place in the royal family. Their joint monogram has been revealed—and we can’t imagine anything more perfect.

As reported, the monogram was revealed when one of the hosts of Australia’s The Today Show, Georgie Gardner, opened up about receiving a thank-you note from the couple after sending them a wedding gift. The stationery displayed their new monogram, which conveys what their union represents in one symbol.

The monogram includes an “M” and an “H” intertwined to make one letter, topped by a crown. How fitting is that?

Here it is, in all its glory:

Not too shabby for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, right? Although they definitely have their own monograms, this is what they’ll use when they’re sending mail together as a couple, so it seems appropriate that it would make its debut on some of the thank-you notes they sent out after their wedding.

Earlier this summer, eagle-eyed royal watchers noted that Markle’s signature had changed since she became a duchess, and a handwriting expert noted that Harry and Markle’s signatures had started to look more alike—a sign that the two were aligning as a married couple. This joint monogram seems like the perfect extension of that togetherness.

And many royal family aficionados are curious about how the new monogram compares to Will and Kate’s official joint symbol…and we got you covered.

Will and Kate’s features a “C” on top of a “W,” with a slightly bolder crown.


Now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that someday we’ll be lucky enough to get mail with one of these monograms on it. We’re down for a royal hang, any time.

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