Meghan Markle does not approve when this part of her body is photoshopped

We’re all for body positivity and celebrating the things that make us unique, and thankfully, celebrities and beauty icons are increasingly on board these days. The latest celeb to get real about accepting her beauty is Meghan Markle, whose pet peeve is when her freckles are airbrushed in photos, and we completely agree.

The Suits star opened up to Allure magazine about her experience as a biracial actress in Hollywood, and the many ways big and small that she’s faced racism due to the color of her skin. Meghan is speaking out against the ways she’s been unfairly labeled, and we’re applauding her honesty.

Markle, whose mother is African-American and whose father is Caucasian, never felt that her skin tone affected her ability to belong within her own family. She says, “I have the most vivid memories of being seven years old and my mom picking me up from my grandmother’s house. There were the three of us, a family tree in an ombré of mocha next to the caramel complexion of my mom and light-skinned, freckled me. I remember the sense of belonging, having nothing to do with the color of my skin.”

But as soon as she embarked on her career as an actress, she quickly noticed things were different. “For castings, I was labeled ‘ethnically ambiguous.’ Was I Latina? Sephardic? ‘Exotic Caucasian’?”

She says her freckles, which we think are totally gorgeous, added another layer of frustration for her. “Add the freckles to the mix and it created quite the conundrum. To this day, my pet peeve is when my skin tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out of a photo shoot.”

Thankfully, Meghan embraces her freckles, despite the colorism she’s faced in her career. She offers a fabulous message that her dad sweetly gave her years ago. “For all my freckle-faced friends out there, I will share with you something my dad told me when I was younger: ‘A face without freckles is a night without stars.’”

We couldn’t agree more. Rock those spots, girl.

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