An old — and super candid — Meghan Markle interview just surfaced, and bless

Between the whirlwind surrounding the (glorious) royal wedding and the recent photos of Meghan Markle as the official Duchess of Sussex, it’s almost easy to forget that Markle was once an American actress, doing typical American actressy things. Like, for example, appearing on late-night talk shows.

Which is why we’re giddy over this recently resurfaced interview of Markle on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from back in 2013. Markle, who was there to discuss her role in Suits, wears a short, backless black dress (that she probably couldn’t get away with wearing in public now thanks to that weird panty hose rule). She comes across as vibrant and hilarious…while handling some decidedly not-super-appropriate comments from Ferguson with complete and utter grace.

We also learn that Markle attended Northwestern University, majored in Theater and International Relations, and once worked at the American embassy in Argentina (oh, and she also speaks Spanish, too — you better werk, girl).

Take a look at this glorious glimpse of pre-royal Meghan Markle:

As royal family aficionados may know, Markle must alter certain behavior now that she’s a member of the British monarchy. She apparently can’t show bare legs or wear dark nail polish, have a public social media account, and (sadly) can’t sign autographs for fans now. It’s okay though — we have a feeling the trade-off was worth it (you know, the whole marrying the love of your life and becoming a duchess who can help foster inclusivity and advocate for those who need it in the world thing).

And we can catch the “Old Meghan” on Suits re-runs. Forever and always.

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