A photo from Meghan Markle’s high-school days hinted at her royal future

Meghan Markle, everyone’s favorite soon-to-be Princess Henry of Wales, has already begun her royal duties. She’s attended her first royal Christmas. She’s had lunch with Queen Elizabeth. And let’s not forget that she’ll have to undergo hostage training from the British Special Air Service after she weds Prince Harry. Yikes!

But an eagle-eyed Twitter account recently discovered proof that Meghan Markle has always been good at wearing a crown. A photo from what appears to be Markle’s high-school homecoming shows her donning a tiara. She looks radiant as ever, and it’s no surprise fans loved the throwback pic. The question is, why didn’t we look this good at a high-school dance?

It’s fun to see Markle looking perfectly comfortable with a tiara on her head. But even if she’s seen the snapshot, don’t expect her to share it on Instagram: She’s already deleted her social media accounts in preparation for her royal wedding. (We don’t blame her — social media can sometimes be bad for you.)

It’s no secret that Markle’s incredibly photogenic. Her engagement photos with Prince Harry are all the proof you need. She’s also a talented actress and passionate speaker, as anyone who’s watched her on Suits or listened to her 2015 speech on gender equality at the United Nations would know.


It’s clear Meghan Markle is more than qualified for royalty.

But if you need more proof, check out an 11-year-old Markle protesting against a sexist commercial for dishwashing liquid:


Even if she can’t really wear a tiara just yet, we’re still waiting with bated breath — not just for the royal wedding, but for what Markle chooses to do when she’s officially Princess Henry of Wales.

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