A magazine pointed out that Meghan Markle has a gray hair, and Twitter is NOT here for that nonsense

Today, April 5th, the world got a little more insane. As in the Marie Claire Twitter account called out soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle’s gray hair…or rather, her single gray hair (at 11:40 a.m., to be exact). The tweet featured a telescopic photo of Markle’s hair, which was pulled back in a loose bun, with a photoshopped red box around what was was (apparently?) an indiscernible gray strand. The (since-deleted) tweet included the caption, “Meghan Markle Has a Single Gray Hair.”


To be fair, the body of the actual article was all about how awesome it is that Markle chose to “own” her gray, and how it made her way more relatable. But many felt that the tweet came off as nit-picky, ageist, and generally irrelevant.

Here were just a few of the responses:


Here’s the thing: Unsolicited comments about other people’s appearances are never okay (obviously, respectful compliments at appropriate times excluded). Pointing out someone’s single gray hair, the fact that they forgot to shave their legs, weight gain or loss, etc. when a person clearly didn’t intend to draw attention to that attribute can be irritating at best, and hurtful at worst.

Furthermore, Markle — who is already involved in several major charity organizations through the royal family — has way (way) more interesting things going on right now than a virtually invisible streak of gray that literally no one would normally notice.

Let this tweet snafu serve as a solid reminder to pay a little more attention to Markle’s awesome projects and contributions, as well as to the incredible and inspiring things happening around us in so many communities right now.

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