Meghan Markle’s first royal Christmas will reportedly involve an unexpected—and competitive—tradition

Meghan Markle is preparing to spend her first Christmas as the Duchess of Sussex, which means learning all the traditions that make up a royal Christmas. And apparently, the royal family’s Christmas festivities involve charades—with a catch.

An anonymous source claiming to be a royal aide told Express that Prince Harry has warned his wife to let Queen Elizabeth II win the family’s annual game of charades. The aide reportedly noted that the queen is “a fine actress” and that during the holiday festivities, she “reels off her impersonations of world leaders, VIPs, and stars she’s met during her travels.” Basically, Markle may have to tone down her acting abilities for this one (especially because the source also claimed that the royals “don’t like show-offs, especially newcomers who show off”).

The royal family has other unique holiday traditions as well. One rumored relic from the reign of King Edward VII apparently stipulates that the family weigh themselves before and after Christmas dinner—although this custom has also not been officially confirmed.

Markle first joined the royal family for Christmas Day in 2017, shortly after getting engaged to Prince Harry. According to Peopleshe joined her soon-to-be in-laws at their holiday celebration at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, during which she joined in the royals’ gag gift exchange, late-night dinner, and morning church service.

With a year of practice under her belt, we’re confident that Markle will handle her first official royal Christmas with grace—including a potential game of charades.

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