Duchess Meghan Markle just made Hollywood history, NBD

Just in case marrying into the royal family as an American — and a woman of color — wasn’t enough, here comes Meghan Markle, impressing us all again. It seems like Markle could be up for an Emmy nomination for her work in Suits, and that makes her the first member of the British royal family to ever be submitted for an Emmy. This lady is killing it.

According to Entertainment Tonightthe USA network submitted Markle’s name for consideration for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. The site reports that this isn’t uncommon, so it’s not like Markle is getting special treatment now that she’s the Duchess of Sussex; the rest of the main cast of Suits has been submitted for consideration, too (it’s something the network does every year). This year, though, is obviously different for Markle, who has officially retired from acting in favor of performing her new royal duties.

Basically, if Markle gets this nom, in 2018 she’ll have become a member of the royal family and an Emmy nominee, making the rest of us look lazy. How does she do it?

Seriously, Markle. Tell us your secrets.

Even though Markle’s out of the acting game these days, she was part of the cast of Suits for a long time — seven years, actually. It’s nice that she’s being recognized for her hard work and talent, even if she doesn’t end up getting nominated.

It might be a long shot, but it’ll be awesome if she does get the nom…which we’ll find out when the Emmy nominations are announced on July 12th. We doubt Meghan would return for the ceremony, but if she did, we hope she’d bring Prince Harry as her date. Best Emmys ever?

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