Meghan Markle apparently loves Bring It On—as if we needed another reason to love her

Meghan Markle may now be the Duchess of Sussex, but she still manages to feel like our bestie. So we weren’t the least bit surprised to find out that one of Markle’s favorite movies is the ultimate 2000s slumber party classic. Before she became a royal, Markle ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig. Marie Claire recently unearthed a post from the blog in which the former Suits star wrote about one of her favorite movies: none other than the 2000 cheerleading cult classic Bring It On

In the post, Markle reportedly wrote about meeting Gabrielle Union, who played Kirsten Dunst’s rival cheer captain. After meeting Union at a New York Fashion Week event for Prada, Markle noted that she adored her role in “the cheerleading guilty pleasure Bring It On.” Same, TBH, although no one should have to feel guilty about loving the movie that taught us the right way to do spirit fingers.

Markle reportedly added that Union was “gracious, funny, and refreshingly real.” We seriously wish we could have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.

Now we know for sure that Markle has great taste in movies (although we always suspected). And remember: Bring It On now officially has the royal seal of approval.

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