Megan Roy is our Illustrator of the Week!

Megan Roy’s art is equal parts bold, lovely, and playful — and it’s entirely amazing. From her adorable portraits of pups to her flawless patterns made up of food, the New Hampshire-born and LA-based illustrator and designer uses color beautifully, and we’re obsessed. As if her art weren’t already impressive enough, Megan also dabbles in film and TV, photography, and large-scale installations, and spends her spare time helping out at dog rescues. Basically, she’s an all-around delight and ridiculously talented — and that’s why she’s our Illustrator of the Week!

Find out more about Megan and her art below, and buy some of her exclusive-to-HelloGiggles phone cases by clicking right here.

No pressure, but describe your art: Playful, organic, fun! If I feel good when I look at it, I know I’ve done something right.

What inspires you to make things: Positive vibes and other artists’ work. I find that if I’m having a good time, listening to a great song, or looking at a piece of amazing art by someone else — those are the times I feel a real drive to create something myself.

Your favorite thing(s) to draw: Dogs with expressive faces, really fancy hair-dos, and things with strong geometric lines or patterns.

Medium of choice: I’ve been getting into watercolors lately, but I almost never leave home without a classic graphite pencil or two.

The first time you knew you wanted to be an artist: Weirdly, it was the first thing I ever wanted to be. As a kid in elementary school I told people I wanted to be an artist. I took some detours along the way, but I think seven-year-old Megan knew what was up.

Proudest achievement so far: Two incredible friends of mine got married last September. When they got engaged, a photographer friend happened to be present and snapped an amazing photo of the proposal in action. Before the wedding, the bride commissioned me to draw that photo as a wedding day gift for her groom. I was so touched, and honored to be asked to be part of their special day. It was one of the most meaningful moments art has brought me so far!

Music you listen to while you work: The Tallest Man on Earth, Arcade Fire, and a little T. Swift of course! I’ve been bumping “Bad Blood” on repeat (the album version — no offense, Kendrick).

Your most prized possession: She’s not really a possession, but my little rescue beagle Ruby is definitely the first thing I would grab if the house were on fire.

Your personal hero: Well, my parents are superheroes, so there’s really no contest. My dad literally rescues people from burning buildings and my mom teaches little kids about self-esteem, sharing, and doing the right thing. She’s making sure this country has a future full of collaborative, moral, and supportive leaders. That’s pretty legit.

The last thing to make you giggle: Ruby! I just gave her a rawhide bone and she tried to bury it in the couch. Cutest/most ridiculous thing ever.

Current project(s): I just finished designing assets for a sweepstakes Joie de Vivre Hotels is running. Some of my prints were picked up by Brickyard Buffalo (an online pop-up market), and will be available in their shop soon! I’ve got big plans for my Etsy store and am working on expanding that, too. Keep an eye out for fun new prints and other goodies! I’m also teaching Ruby to play a solid game of fetch (she doesn’t quite get the “bring it back” part, but we’ll get there). That counts, right?

Check out Megan’s amazing phone cases via Casetify — they’re an exclusive partnership with HelloGiggles! And for more of her work, check out her websiteEtsy, and Instagram.