Megan Mullally talked about the time she went on a date with Michael J. Fox in the ’80s, and it’s pretty amusing

We can’t even picture her with anyone other than Nick Offerman, but it’s true — our favorite girl from Will & Grace has dated other people. During Watch What Happens Live last night, Megan Mullally talked about dating Michael J. Fox a bit in the ’80s, during his best stage — the Back To The Future stage — and was able to reminisce a bit.

In particular, she talked about one pretty memorable date.

To start, she said that Fox pretty much had girls swarming around him. Really, it’s pretty much everything we pictured.

"We went go-kart racing, and I won, and I think that was the end... I should have slowed down," Mullally joked.

Mullally, looking absolutely classy on the show, seems to have moved on from the experience. You can say she lacks the — erm — passion she normally exhibits with Nick Offerman when discussing her past romantic life.

Back To The Future premiered in 1989, and it was in 1997 when Offerman moved to Los Angeles and eventually met his soon-to-be wife.

They met while mutually being involved in a play called Evidence Room, which happened around the second year that Mullally was on Will & Grace — the show best known as being her big break.

We’re curious to see what Michael J. Fox’s take on all this is. Hopefully the two still have a decent friendship, and can laugh about the past today!

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