Meghan Markle’s BFF shared the star’s inspiring personal motto

Every time we hear something from actress Meghan Markle, it’s always incredibly positive. In an interview with People, Markle’s best friend Lindsay Roth shared the personal motto that she and Markle live by, and we’re kind of in love with it.

"There’s a motto that Meg and I have consistently come back to throughout the years: ‘I choose happiness,’" says Roth. "It’s a constant reminder to be self-aware, be uniquely you, be happy and to treat people with respect; to be kind, empathetic and to really learn from those around you in any circumstance. Meg does that."

via giphy In the same interview, Roth also talked about how Markle is an “extraordinary business woman” who advocates for women and children through her lifestyle blog, The Tig. If you haven’t checked it out, it focuses on living and eating well while showcasing influential women like Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams.

Roth also noted that Markle “staunchly supports her friends dreams” and “gives you her honest opinion even if it differs from yours.” Yup, she sounds like a keeper.

"I have years worth of hand-written notes and cards that Meg has sent to me in the best of times, while I was going through hard times and also fun, saying hello, missing-you, motivational go-for-your-dreams cards," says Roth.

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Um, SERIOUS QUESTION: Can we be besties too?!

Okay, we’ll settle for receiving her awesomeness from afar. Thanks for inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves, Meghan!