Megan Hilty is expecting ANOTHER bundle of joy and announced in the most adorable way

It’s hard not to be obsessed with actress Megan Hilty. She stole our hearts on Broadway in Wicked and then on TV in Smash (RIP Smash), and has continued to crush it on the regular in shows like The Good Wife and BrainDead.

Our fingers are also very tightly crossed that the TV Land reboot of The First Wives Club, which Hilty is starring in alongside Alyson Hannigan gets picked up to series, it’s high time Hilty had another show to star in!

Hilty is married to actor Brian Gallagher, and in 2014, Hilty gave birth to their first child, Viola Philomena Gallagher.

This Friday, Hilty announced that the couple is expecting their second child, but being Hilty, she did it in the straight-up most adorable way possible, with the following image posted on social media:

Eep! We’re so excited for this lovely and talented couple! Also we majorly approve of Hilty’s pregnancy spread- ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and pickles for the win! Eat it up, lady!

She’s also already planning, not just for her little one’s arrival, but for a Sound of Music-esque future for her kids along with Audra McDonald.

OMG can’t you imagine the little Hilton-Gallaghers and McDonalds performing their first musical? We are ALL about this plan, Megan, keep us updated!

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