Megan Fox says she’s raising a colony of future teen heartthrobs, and honestly, it’s true

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have three boys all under the age of four, plus Green’s 15-year-old son from a previous relationship, and Fox jokes that she’s raising a colony of “teen heartthrobs.”

Green was himself a teen heartthrob back in the day during his Beverly Hills, 90210 era.

Fox joked that by having a family with a former teen-idol, she’s setting herself up to raise a brood of them.

"Thank you for donating your DNA to the shared dream of birthing our own colony of teen heart throbs," Fox joked on a throwback photo of her husband.

To be fair, Fox isn’t joking around — just look at her kids.

Kinda bizarre to think of toddlers as future teen heartthrobs, but hey Fox’s words. Lol.

Green recently opened up about how they have a household of boys, but he’s got his fingers crossed that they can have a baby girl.

“I have four boys now, a fifth is a basketball team,” Green joked with Hollywood Pipeline. “I want a girl. I really want a girl. I’m worried that if I try I’ll just get another boy. I don’t know if I’m ready for five.”

Fox and Green seem to be very open-minded parents, and we applaud that. Their son recently wore a Frozen-themed dress and unfortunately, the internet jumped in with commentary.

Fox didn’t feel the need to get on the defensive, but simply let the photo and her child’s outfit speak for itself and we think that’s badass.