Megan Fox Has a Ton of Nicknames for Machine Gun Kelly, and They’re Just So Dang Cute

Even though, technically, Machine Gun Kelly is a nickname to begin with.

Even though Machine Gun Kelly’s real name is Colson Baker, that’s not what girlfriend Megan Fox calls him—and she doesn’t call him Machine Gun Kelly, either (because that would be a little weird). As it turns out, Fox actually has several cutesy nicknames for MGK, much like any couple would…and like all couple nicknames, some of them are a little over the top.

In an interview with Fox 5 New York, Fox admitted that she has lots of names for Machine Gun Kelly.

“I call him ‘cookie,’ I call him ‘buddha,’ I call him ‘booby,'” Fox said. Yep—those are all pretty predictable.

And of course, from Instagram, we know that the nickname list doesn’t end there. In the above post, which she shared in honor of his birthday, Fox called Kelly “blonde angel baby.” And we’ve also seen the nickname “rehab Barbie” appear in her captions, so that’s also a thing.

As far as MGK’s nicknames for Fox go? Well, he hasn’t been quite as forthcoming about those, so we’ll just have to use our imaginations there. But considering the fact that he and Fox have both been pretty open about their relationship so far, it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually ends up filling us in, too.

Basically, sappy nicknames are pretty much a requirement of all relationships, and so far, these two are definitely still going strong—and they are not shy about showing it, either. So, what are the nicknames gonna be, MGK? Or should we call you Booby?

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