Megan Fox is being mom-shamed over this picture of her sons, and how is this still happening?

Motherhood is a tough job, and sadly, it seems like mothers are judged no matter how they choose to raise their children. Even the most famous moms are still subjected to this kind of scrutiny, being shamed for everything from pumping and dumping breast milk to letting their children cry themselves to sleep. The latest victim of mommy-shaming is Megan Fox, who faced a surprising amount of backlash for a photo of her sons she shared on Instagram.

Fox, who has three sons with her husband Brian Austin Green, posted a photo on May 5th of her two oldest boys, Noah and Bodhi, relaxing on the beach. The two brothers looked content as they lounged on their beach chairs in their matching wet suits, but unfortunately, several Instagram users took to the comments to insult the children’s long hair — and Fox for allowing it.

“Poor darlings they look like they’re wearing wigs!” user mavroxx commented on the photo.

Others used Bodhi and Noah’s hair length to mock them as “girls,” with maxim_762_xway writing, “I used to think you had two daughters.” In one particularly cruel comment, user lordyc wrote “‘My boys are girls I’m so progressive!’ Yeah progressively assisting suicide and mass delusion.”

Thankfully, for all the negative comments the photo received, there were plenty of users defending the children’s right to wear their hair however they want.

User maggiestephensdougherty put it best, writing, "I personally think if Megan, and her boys and Dad like it, well the rest of you. STFU!!! They're her kids!! That's all that matters!!!"

Fox has proved that she has no problem letting her children choose how to express themselves. In August, she shared a photo of Noah proudly sporting a Frozen dress, demonstrating her supportive parenting tactics.

The bottom line is that children should be allowed to wear the clothing and hairstyles that make them feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong about boys having long hair or wearing dresses, and likewise, girls should be able to have short hair and wear what makes them comfortable. We need to stop mom-shaming parents like Fox and accept that only individual children know what makes them feel best.

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