Megan Fox-Lookalike Quits Job For Six-Figure OnlyFans Gig

The coffee barista-turned-model rakes in $30,000 a month on OnlyFans.

From working two jobs as a coffee barista and Amazon delivery driver to wheeling in $30,000 a month on OnlyFans, Taylor Ryan would say her career leap is paying off big. The barista-turned-model from England made her OnlyFans side hustle a full-time gig after she earned a whopping amount of money posing as Megan Fox’s dopplegänger on OnlyFans.

“It’s kind of laughable when I say I look like Megan Fox — I mean it’s Megan Fox,” the entrepreneur told Daily Mail.

The idea of imitating the Jennifer’s Body actress started when Ryan’s TikTok followers began commenting on their physical similarities. So many fans chimed in that Ryan decided to turn the coincidence into a source of income.

“Once the comments started coming in, I started wearing my hair extensions more and wearing a cat eye,” Ryan recalled. She made changes to her wardrobe, too, photographing herself in “tight and booby” clothes.

Ryan charges her OnlyFans customers “pay per view.” She also takes one time requests at a separate rate.

“Once someone requested for me to wear the same outfit Megan Fox wears — a bra top and short denim shorts — to bend over the bonnet and open it. They paid $300,” she said.

Now, the gig pays her bills.

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“My favourite part of the job is getting ready and seeing the look come together,” Ryan shared of her nine-hour workday. “I put my music on and have a coffee on the go, the glamming up part makes me really happy.”

In December 2022, Ryan hit $30,000 in monthly earnings. She’s gone on to build herself a six-figure-paying career.

Though a departure from her latte art-making days, Ryan revealed that working in the sex industry has always been a dream of hers. “When I was 16 I used to watch the Playboy mansion — it would be the dream to go in,” she said.

Since rising to OnlyFans fame, Ryan has founded her own company called SX Creators, aimed “to teach creators how to be successful on OnlyFans.”

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