YAS! Megan Fox just resurrected this famous and once-defunct lingerie line

Once a big name in lingerie, Frederick’s of Hollywood closed down all of its stores last year after declaring bankrupcy. Now, though, it looks like Frederick’s is going to get a second chance at life.

Megan Fox has signed on not just to be the new spokesperson for Frederick’s of Hollywood, but co-owner.

According to NY Mag, Frederick’s of Hollywood will be using its second life to chill out, which we’re totally in favor of. While they’ve generally been known for “racy lingerie, garter belts, and [an] overall sexy image”, under Megan Fox’s reign they’ll be broadening their horizons to include something more… realistic.


Megan Fox particularly will be coming out with a line in the “sexy comfort” and “fuller coverage” realm, the chief executive told the NY Post. Since we’re alllll about the athleisure trend making it acceptable to essentially wear pajamas every day of our lives, we’re all in for a potential lingerie line that will work well with our sweatpants and t-shirt ensemble.

We’re glad to see Megan Fox taking up such a cool new enterprise… and not to be selfish, but we’re especially glad about it when it might mean we get something chic and comfy out of the deal.


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