Newly Redhead Megan Fox Looked VERY Single at Vanity Fair Party

She wasn't wearing her engagement ring & left the party holding hands with a new man, says a source.

Megan Fox has added some new layers to the relationship drama between herself and Machine Gun Kelly — literally. The star rocked a bold new hairstyle at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party.

What she wasn’t rocking however, was her engagement ring, and photos from the event make it feel like she wasn’t trying to hide the missing bling, either.

“I am Megan Fox, though you might not realize that because of my hair,” the actress said in a video she shot for Vanity Fair, which documented her “Get Ready with Me” process before the big event.

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She reportedly attended the soiree solo; it’s not confirmed if this was on purpose, based on her relationship’s still-rocky condition, but ET reported that MGK was playing a show that same evening in Orange County.

Vanity Fair snapped photos of the Transfomers actress hanging out with pals like Billie Eilish and Tyrese Gibson.

A source also revealed to ET that Fox “spent most of the night with her longtime agent, Chuck James,” and that “she left the party at around 2 am while holding hands with him,” according to photos provided by the source to ET. 

While she was photographed by paparazzi at the event, the Jennifer’s Body star herself did not post any images to her personal Instagram profile. No photos have been added since she deleted and reactivated her social media account back in February. 

She did allow Vanity Fair photographer and videographer Cibelle Levi to post finished snaps on her account, where the getting ready video is housed as well.

Fox goes on to describe the inspiration behind the look, which came from Greek mythology.

“Coming back from the Underworld, what would you look like?” she explained. “…if all the fire and brimstone was in your hair, if you were Queen of the Underworld, what would you look like walking the red carpet?”

Fox showed off her sparkly manicure as well, sans-rings.

Regarding her black and gray gown with a corset backing, “this was giving…a ‘new girl,’” Fox’s stylist remarked in the video, possibly hinting at Fox’s newfound independence from her fiancé. The couple are reportedly trying to work through their relationship issues after rumors came out that MGK may have been unfaithful to Fox.

Fox seems to have replaced her eye-catching engagement ring with an oversized necklace that seemed to drip diamonds into her cleavage. “If you weren’t sure where to look, you do now,” she joked in the video.

She then closed out the segment with a simple ask from viewers: “pray for me.”

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