Meg Cabot’s “The Boy Is Back” has a new excerpt and we’re jumping for joy!

Meg Cabot’s “The Boy” series technically is part of her adult book roster as opposed to her young adult series, but let’s be honest: The only real difference between Meg Cabot’s adult books and young adult ones are the sex scenes.

However, “The Boy” series was different from her other books for another reason. In case you’re unfamiliar, Meg’s anthology series includes The Boy Next Door, Boy Meets Girl and Every Boy’s Got One. Each rom-com tale is told through emails, IM’s, and journal entries — which makes it pretty modern actually. They’re sweet, readable in one big beach-day sessions, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Meg’s newest installment, The Boy is Back, follows Becky Flowers, a small town girl who loves her life. Her world is thrown into disarray when her high school sweetheart, Pro-golfer Reed Stewart, comes back to town. I’m sure, like all of Meg’s books, drama will ensue!

On Thursday, EW released an excerpt from The Boy is Back and it is PHENOMENAL. Seriously, excerpts are torturous because we still need to wait for the book. The link to the excerpt is below. Be prepared: you’ll be tempted to borrow Hermione’s time turner so you can get to October 18th (aka its release date) earlier.


The Boy is Back Excerpt BTW, did you know that the characters in many of the books are connected? It’s not a big plot point, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll often find that the main characters of one book have a passing connection to the other. While the books work perfectly fine as stand-alone reads, the interconnecting web of people is super neat to follow. It’s just a fun detail that makes the world feel big and vivid, and also means you never know where your favorite people from a past novel might turn up!